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Enric Galwey Garcia

Barcelona 1864 — 1931

Enric Galwey, who was born in Barcelona, is regarded as the most representative artist of the second generation of painters of the Olot School, a time when the initial vigour of the school was beginning to decline. Galway studied at the Escola de Belles Arts de la Llotja, but his real training took place alongside Joaquim Vayreda when he decided to move to Olot, one of the most important towns in the La Garrotxa region of Catalonia. He made his first trip there in 1885 and returned every summer until Vayreda’s death, absorbing the master’s influence, which he was unable to escape from entirely, even after his time in Paris.

Despite the minor developments in the evolution of his work, Galwey’s work remained marked by the famous school of landscape painting. He was unfailingly faithful to the genre and was drawn in particular to shady scenes or twilights and other moments when the atmosphere mutes the colours. During the course of his artistic career, he produced a large number of elegant landscapes that are deeply indebted to the Barbizon painters, from whom the artists of the Olot School drew their inspiration, and British landscape painters such as Constable. He recreated the bucolic plains found in the work of Vayreda and the wild forests and mountains of Josep Berga i Boix, though he was always closer to Vayreda, whom he accompanied on painting expeditions into the countryside.

Paisatge is an excellent example of his gift for composition. The treatment of the clouds is particularly noteworthy, as the technical execution is outstanding and the backlit effect makes them a dominating presence in the sky. The sweeping landscape that stretches out below them balances the composition, while his choice of colours calls to mind an Impressionism that is restrained yet at the same time intense in expression and luminous in its transparency.

  • Enric Galwey Garcia Paisatge 
    Oil on canvas
    66 x 101 cm