Banco Sabadell Art Collection
Av. Camí del Mas, 2-B
08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona)
T 902 030 255 – ext. 39271


The Banco Sabadell Art Collection includes a wide range of works of art, displayed permanently in the branches, premises and facilities of the bank that are used day-to-day by our employees and customers.

Due to its primarily decorative function, the collection of artworks belonging to Banco Sabadell was not originally intended to be a formal art collection. However, in recent years, the bank has become more selective in the acquisition of artwork and the quality and anthological value of the works chosen now take precedence over the decorative criterion.

As a result of the bank’s growth and expansion, the acquisition of artwork has developed considerably and now includes the finest work of Spanish and international artists that should undoubtedly feature in any collection of Spanish contemporary art.

The collection also has a philanthropic aim and through its activity it nurtures the creation of art and the development of the art market.


Miquel Molins

Montse Corominas

Administrative coordinator
Jaume Quintanilla