“Auspicis” by the audiovisual collective Estampa, at ISEA 2022

The exhibition “What Is Possible and What Is Not. ISEA2022 Barcelona” organised by La Capella in Barcelona is showcasing the work Auspicis by the audiovisual collective Estampa, which belongs to the Banco Sabadell Art Collection, as part of ISEA 2022

Auspicis, as explained by the artistic group themselves, acts as “a contemporary oracle that replaces birdwatching with aircraft monitoring. An ADS-B device captures radio frequency signals from aircrafts and matches them with commercial aviation data. With every detection of an out-of-the-ordinary flight (private jets, luxury or military charter flights), the production of an omen is launched –an enigmatic message that appears on the LED screen. These are messages written by a machine –a neural network for text generation–, trained with a dataset of esoteric literature and macroeconomics prediction reports. As with the oracles of ancient times, the true art of these omens lies in their interpretation”.

The exhibition is open to visitors from 9 June to 28 August 2022.




  • Estampa
    LED display, ADS-B device and Raspberry pi