Abel Jaramillo, ‘Art Emergent Sabadell’ award 2020

Abel Jaramillo (Medina de las Torres, Badajoz, 1993) has won the Banco Sabadell Award for Emerging Art, organised by the Academia de Bellas Artes in Sabadell, with his artwork The need to have walls.

The piece, which is in HD video format, tells the fictional tale, in the words of the artist himself, of “a stay in Lisbon, told through a number of different places that are all connected to water: a construction filled with symbols, caverns and lakes that brings to mind the idea of the end of the world, a hotel swimming pool and a beach”.

As with the pieces from previous editions, the artwork will subsequently be added to the Banco Sabadell Art Collection.

  • Abel Jaramillo
    The need to have walls
    HD Video
    17.05 m