“Crawl”, by Laia Estruch, in the Atoi exhibition space, Bilbao

Artist Laia Estruch presents her work Crawl in Bilbao, with the help of the artistic collective Tractora, in two performance sessions.

On 15 December, the artist will present the first of two performance artworks, “Crawl (wet)” in the Azkuna Centre, Bilbao. This first performance will be followed by another, entitled, “Crawl (dry)“, on 17 December in the Atoi exhibition space, in which Estruch will interact with the work Crawl-barana I, belonging to the Banco Sabadell Art Collection.

The work will be exhibited in this creative arts space until 6 January 2023.

  • Laia Estruch
    Crol-Barana I
    Enameled iron
    150 x 300 cm