Cristina Iglesias, Royal Academy of Arts Architecture Prize

Cristina Iglesias, one of the artists represented in the Banco Sabadell Art Collection, has been named as the winner of the Architecture Prize of the Royal Academy of Arts, in London.

The jury acknowledged the “enduring and vital tradition of enhancing the quality of outdoor civic spaces with public art. Iglesias works, above all the entire Rivers and Public Spaces series (2006-2018), create the sensation of a public gathering point, with their filling and emptying of water which provides an outdoor spectacle and serves as an antidote to the noise and relentless pace of the surrounding urban life.  Her collaborative works inspire and serve to remind architects about the crucial role of public spaces in our cities.”

  • Cristina  Iglesias
    Sota la terra, 2014
    Stone, bronze powder, resin, hydraulic mechanism, electrical equipment and water
    511 × 511 × 83 cm