Installation of an art piece by Alberto Peral at Torre BancSabadell

Rombo, by the artist Alberto Peral, has been installed in the reception area of Torre BancSabadell, in Barcelona.

“This work of art has been created using a steel sheet cut into the shape of a rhombus. Based on this cut-out, and after a folding process, the sheet is moulded into a perfect circle.

“The creation of this work of art is essentially a type of origami, a two-dimensional shape becomes a three-dimensional one, but in this case there are two important factors that I would like to emphasise. By using the widest part of the rhombus as the base of the sculpture, we find that the shape itself naturally gives us a solid base. Another important factor is symmetry; it emphasises the idea of circularity and brings the edges together at the peak of the object. In other words, it’s like the snake that bites its own tail, but it does so symmetrically, tail to tail. You need at least three legs to build a seat or a stool in order for it to be stable, in this case my intention is to create a stable three-dimensional shape in the simplest way possible.

“In this sense, my work of art is characterised by the use of items which, like eggs or spheres, have a base and only a slight contact with a surface, but which is sufficient for it to be stable. This characteristic gives a sense of movement and transience.”

Alberto Peral. March 2017.

  • Peral, Alberto
    Rombo, 2016
    Stainless steel. 144 x 144 x 80 cm