“Jordi Bernadó. ID Project” at the SabadellHerrero exhibition hall in Oviedo

The project Jordi Bernadó. ID Project. Banco Sabadell Art Collection is open to visitors at the SabadellHerrero exhibition hall in Oviedo from 10 October 2023 to 14 January 2024.

With ID Project, the photographer Jordi Bernadó has chosen 14 prominent figures to reflect on identity through portraiture. They are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ferran Adrià, Nada Al-Ahdal, Woody Allen, Reed Brody, Gretchen Cara Daily, Vivian Gornick, Stephen Hawking, Pedro Opeka, Steven Pinker, Rosario Quispe, Jimmy Wales, Gao Xingjian and Muhammad Yunus. Scientists, activists, Nobel Prize winners, writers, among others, are the stars of the project, through which the artist explores the essence of human identity ‒something that supposedly makes us unique. They are 14 world leaders in human rights, feminism, ecology, sciences, the arts and the defence of a better future.

The photographer asked all of them to choose where they wanted to be portrayed. It could not be just any place, rather it had to be “their place in the world”. This was one of the conditions. The other was that they had to appear with their backs to the camera. Their faces could not be seen: the chosen place would define them. The landscape is the only clue that the viewer has in relation to the person portrayed. It is not their faces that are captivating, but rather their absence.

The 14 works of art belong to the Banco Sabadell Art Collection.