“Maravillas (fragment)”, by Jordi Colomer, in “Façana Foto Festa Futur Fideus” at MACBA

The artwork Maravillas (fragment) forms part of the exhibition “Jordi Colomer. Façana Foto Festa Futur Fideus”, on display at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) from 8 May to 24 September 2024. The artwork is displayed in the museum’s atrium.

The exhibition offers an all-encompassing tour of the work of Jordi Colomer from the late 1980s to today, through multiple formats: sculpture, collage, photography, video, installations and performance art.

In Maravillas (fragment), an illuminated sign leaning against the wall suggests a situation of absolute openness: it is a space under construction and deconstruction, one that is, in any event, unfinished and hence a space that is as real (a set) as it is fictitious, as is hinted at by the illuminated word on the sign itself.

  • Jordi Colomer
    Maravillas (fragment)
    Painted wood, electronic components box, wire and bulbs
    500 × 53 × 113 cm

    View of the installation. Jordi Colomer. Façana Foto Festa Futur Fideus exhibition at MACBA.
    Picture: Miquel Coll, 2024.
    © MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona