“Allegories of daily life. Photography in Banco Sabadell Art Collection” Oviedo

The SabadellHerrero exhibition room in Oviedo is hosting the exhibition “Allegories of Daily Life. Photography in Banco Sabadell Art Collection” between 16 October 2018 to 27 January 2019.

Contemporary photography has always held a special place in the Banco Sabadell Art Collection. Including renowned artists such as Chema Madoz, Joan Fontcuberta, Isabel Muñoz, Chema Alvargonzález and Eulalia Valldosera, amongst others, we are looking, without doubt, at one of the most important photography collections in Spain.

The selection of works comprising the exhibition offers the audience a range of friendly and nearby opportunities to join in the different spaces, stories and situations created by the artists. The exhibition is a journey from the conceptual to the objectual, which builds a poetic imaginarium in which photography creates a distance and dissolution between spaces and daily objects.

In their allegoric functions, the photographs defend a different way of doing, a way which is divergent, anchored in the process and applicable to the transcourse of a common event. In this way, the magic of daily occurrences and the narrative dynamics change, and act as a symbol of visual construction.