“Twelve photographers at the Museo del Prado”, at the new exhibition space in Alicante

Banco Sabadell has inaugurated a new exhibition space in Alicante with the exhibition “Twelve photographers at the Museo del Prado. Banco Sabadell Art Collection”, which is open to the public until 5 April at the bank’s Auditorium in the city.

The exhibition gives expression to twelve different viewpoints, through twenty-four photographs, which are testament both to the evocative power of the Prado Museum and to the creative capacity of the artists taking part in the project.

Belonging to three different generations and with very diverse ways of understanding and using photography, José Manuel Ballester, Bleda y Rosa, Javier Campano, Joan Fontcuberta, Alberto García-Alix, Pierre Gonnord, Chema Madoz, Cristina de Middel, Isabel Muñoz, Aitor Ortiz, Pilar Pequeño y Javier Vallhonrat drew inspiration not only from the works contained in the Museo del Prado but also from the aura they create in the building which houses them and among the people who gaze at them. This exhibition was arranged by Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado as part of the museum’s bicentenary celebrations.